JAMBAR: Fueling Dreams with Delicious and Healthy Energy Bars

“There’s very few organic energy bars on the market. Yeah. So I want a hundred percent organic. I want real. and that means that I don’t wanna use ingredients that are manufactured, that don’t exist in nature.”

Have you ever looked for a healthy energy bar that also tasted great? If so, you’re not alone! Jenny Maxwell, founder of JAMBAR, faced this exact same dilemma. After seeing an unfulfilled need in the market for a delicious, organic and nutritious energy bar, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her passion for food science and creating drove her to create something special - a product that could fuel the dreams of athletes everywhere while still tasting delicious. Let’s find out more about how JAMBAR was born.

It all started because Jenny wanted something she could feel good eating - both taste-wise and ingredient-wise. She had a vision of what should be in an energy bar, so she decided to make it happen! With careful ingredient selection, trial and error, and lots of research, Jenny created the perfect safe-to-eat snack that was full of nutrition without sacrificing on taste.