Maximizing Your Results: The Power of Nutrient Timing

"In today’s health and fitness-focused world, proper nutrition is considered a crucial component to achieving optimal results. There are many factors to consider when it comes to developing a well-rounded nutrition plan, and one of the most important is nutrient timing."

Our body’s are very intricate and they require very specific types of energy to support us daily. As an athlete, it’s important that you provide your body with a sufficient amount of nutrients before, during and after your event.

Similar to how intricate our bodies are, the timing of when we fuel our bodies can greatly affect our performance, training and recovery. Training doesn’t work without the nutrition to support it. Therefore, there are a variety of strategies that help to enhance your performance through nutrient timing. For example, there three approaches that I highly recommend to enhance your perforce in regards to nutrient timing:

Optimizing Fat Utilization
This is when you wait to consume sugar/carbs until later in your race so your body can utilize fat for energy creation (oxidation) as long as it can.  Once your body flips to using glucose as its primary energy source - you’re on the clock.

Carb Loading: What is it? How can it help?
There is a specific formula to follow that varies depending on your gender and bodyweight. It’s essentially eating in a surplus of carbohydrates to provide you with stored energy leading up to race day. I have found this strategy to be highly effective. In fact, I have had multiple clients try this approach and ended up setting personal records in their events.

Take Advantage of Your Recovery Window
This is an easy, simple and highly effective habit to start today. The anabolic window is the window where your body is in uptake mode, requiring protein, carbs, and fat to replenish and rebuild muscle. Men typically have around a 3 hour anabolic window, whereas a female’s window typically closes after 45 minutes. After this window, your insulin sensitivity starts to decline, which means it is more difficult for your muscles to uptake the nutrients in your bloodstream.

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Aaryn Balltzglier, B.S. Nutrition and Wellness, Cert. WAG Nutrition
Nutrition + Wellness Coach 

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