Open Hearts Art Center

Open Hearts Art Center is our charity partner for the RAD Half Marathon & 10k. Overall Female Award winners will receive one of these gorgeous, handmade bouquets of paper flowers, crafted by members of the Open Hearts Art Center community!

What began as a fun Valentine's Day art project four years ago blossomed into a thriving side business for their talented artists and paper florists. As word spread about the stunning paper flower bouquets, our community clamored for them year-round. To meet the growing demand, they enlisted the help of piece workers to assist with production. This endeavor quickly evolved into a beautiful collaboration between artists, piece workers, and volunteers.

Their artists meticulously hand paint the paper for each flower stem using various art techniques. Meanwhile, their dedicated piece workers expertly assemble the flowers, ensuring precision and quality in every bouquet.

Finally, their volunteers step in to add the finishing touches, carefully wrapping each nine-stem bouquet with care and attention to detail. The result is not just a stunning arrangement of paper flowers, but a labor of love crafted by a community united in their passion for art and creativity.

Selling these flowers is one of the main ways Open Hearts Art Center raises funds for their art classes and programs at the center. They will be selling these beautiful arrangements at the finish area at Hi-Wire Brewing on race day. Be sure to stop by and purchase yours to support these amazing artists!