Top 5 Cheer Signs From the Past Year

Racing is more than just an individual sport, it takes an entire village to carry us to the finish line - both before and during a race. Cheer signs are an essential and vibrant part of any running event, serving as beacons of motivation and humor along the route. As runners push through miles of physical and mental challenges, these creatively crafted signs pop up like cheerful milestones, offering encouragement, laughs, and that much-needed boost to keep going. We voted and these are the top 5 cheer signs that make every mile a little lighter and a lot more fun.


These awesome spectators came out to support their runners at the RAD Half Marathon & 10K. There is a lot of pressure to have a sign that motivates and entertains, so it's best to bring several options. Pee and boogers are always a safe bet.


Chayse's friends showed up at the Black Bear Half Marathon & 8k presented by Hunter Subaru. We've all heard of the "runners high," but apparently if Chayse runs fast enough, he gets drunk.


Some of us love starting Thanksgiving morning by tacking on 3.1 at the South Asheville Turkey Trot presented by Hunter Subaru. Some of us just want to start eating!


These amazing fans were cheering for runners at the Asheville Marathon & Half presented by Dale's and Oskar Blues Brewery. While they don't really know how well you run, they know it's better than some.


These sweet girls came out to support their mom at the Black Bear Half Marathon & 8K presented by Hunter Subaru. Their sign reads "Mom=Awesome" which is the sweetest thing ever. But little girls grow up and get sassy, making signs that read "My mom is faster than your mom" - see backgroundšŸ¤£!

We're always on the lookout for inventive race signs—yours could be featured next! Looking for a shirt to go with that sign? Check out our new cheer shirt!