LPC Throwback Triathlon

July 8th, 2018
8:00 & 10:30 am


Lelia Patterson Center
Fletcher, NC


Swim in, Ride on and Run out! RETRO ATTIRE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED


Monday, June 25th, 2018
Deadline at 11pm
The 6th annual LPC Throwback Triathlon is the perfect event in which to challenge one’s self, regardless of competition experience or athletic prowess. It features a 200 yard pool swim, a 17.5 mile bike on quiet country roads, and a rolling 5k run with an on-track finale in which to summon your mighty kick to the tape!

Both individuals and relay teams are encouraged to join in, and you don’t have to be a three-sport athlete to participate. In the LPC Triathlon Team Competition, you can opt for the sport of your choosing, and just swim, bike, or run as part of a team. While LPC events are timed, and your results will be made available after the event, we emphasize participation over competition. The Kid’s Splash N’ Dash courses mean even budding athletes can participate in the throwback thrills without adults towering overhead!




Find all Scheduled Pre, Post, and Race Day Events Here


Monday, June 25th, 2018
Deadline at 11pm


Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Deadline at midnight


Friday, July 6th, 2018
3:00 - 5:00 pm

5:00pm Pre-race meeting with the race director @ Lelia Patterson Center

Leila Patterson Center
1111 Howard Gap Road
Fletcher, NC 28732



Friday, July 6th, 2018
5:00 pm

Leila Patterson Center
1111 Howard Gap Road
Fletcher, NC 28732



Sunday, July 8th, 2018
6:45 - 7:30 am

Leila Patterson Center
1111 Howard Gap Road
Fletcher, NC 28732


6:45—7:30 am

Packet pick up  and race day registration at Lelia Patterson Center

7:30—7:50 am

Pool open for warm-up

8:00 am

LPC Retro Triathlon begins at Lelia Patterson Center

10:00—10:20 am

Pool open for warm-up

10:30 am

Kids Splash N’ Dash begins at Lelia Patterson Center

10:45 am (approximately)

Beginning of Awards and Ceremonies with locally hand-crafted pottery awards for overall and age group winners

Post Race Amenities: Post-race we have some great things in store for you! Feel free to freshen up inside the LPC Center by taking a well deserved, post-race shower! Then stop by the massage tent for a post-race massage. Hang out and meet some of our race sponsors at their vendor booths. We will also have yummy food!

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We recommend picking up your registration packet and signing in the day before, but if you can’t, come early on race day to get your bib and other goodies!

Bring Everything You Need

Money, food, drink, adequate clothing. Layering your clothes is advised; in these mountains, you never know!


NO HEADPHONES allowed at the event, as they produce danger to yourself and others around you when needing to communicate at the event. You will receive a time penalty and even get DQ’d if you are found wearing them.

Follow Road Rules

You assume all risk of injuries. Be smart. Pay attention to the road. Show respect for the communities we go through and any motorists we encounter by not littering, being careful where you pee, and obeying ALL RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS.




In case of inclement weather, we may alter or cancel the event. But, we will always do everything in our power to avoid delay or cancellation. Announcements made before ride. CHECK our Facebook page for updates.



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All participants will pick up their timing chips and ankle band on event morning, close to the transition area. You must show your run number to receive your timing chip! NOTE: Chip pick-up will be available until 7:35 AM. If you lose your timing chip, you will be charged a $30 replacement fee. 

YOU MUST RETURN YOUR CHIP AT THE FINISH LINE, EVEN IF YOU DROP OUT OF THE RACE. Do not hand your chip to anyone other than someone at the finish line. Volunteers will remove your strap and remove your timing chip as soon as you cross the finish line.


All participants must be marked at the body marking area on race morning happening until 7:35 a.m. – located near the transition area.



Receive your race numbers at packet pick-up:

The square number is your run number and must be displayed on the front of your body during the run segment of the race only. Safety pins will be available at packet pick-up if you don’t have a race number belt.



  • Participants will have individually numbered bike rack locations.
  • Find your numbered bike rack and then find your specific space on that rack. You’ll notice that half the numbers on the bike rack face one direction and the other half face the other direction. Place your bike on the rack centered on your number and facing the same direction as your number. This will allow for more space between bikes for placing your gear.
  • No bike storage the night before the race.
  • Participants only in the transition area.
  • "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "Only the race participant will be allowed to remove his/her bike from the transition area.
  • Participants will have to run their bikes to the transition area entrance before mounting and will have to dismount at the transition area entrance upon completing the bike leg.
  • Sycamore Cycles will be providing bike tech support and will be set up near the transition area.
  • During the race, if you’re a participant and you need to get into the T.A. after you have finished racing, please watch for other athletes moving in and out the transition area. If you are not racing, DO NOT enter or exit the T.A. through the “Swim Finish”, “Run Start”, “Bike Start”, or “Bike Finish” inflatable arches.

The LPC Triathlon swim has been deemed a water ‘baptism’ of sorts as this swim is shorter than most triathlon swims! The pool swim is great for new swimmers, for multi-sport athletes who are ‘weaker’ swimmers and for runners + cyclists that want to try a triathlon but don’t want to spend a whole lot of time perfecting their stroke in the pool!

The day begins with a pool swim at the LPC Aquatics Center. There will be a time-trial start, with faster swimmers going first. Swimmers will enter the water by running across a mat at the water’s edge near the deep end of the pool jump in to begin the swim. After the 200 yard swim, athletes will exit the pool and quickly enter the transition area. During registration, participants will be asked to submit a 100 yard swim time: not the fastest you can swim 100 yards, but the time you expect to maintain throughout the entire swim portion of the event.

  • Bring your own swim cap!
  • The swim will be a 200 yard swim. You will start your swim by running across a mat and jumping into the deep end of the pool. You will swim one length of the pool in the 1st lane. You will then move under the lane line and swim down the lane, touch the wall or flip turn and then come back down the same lane. You will continue this same format in lanes 2, 3 and 4. In lane 5 you will only do one length and will finish at the deep end wall and may climb out the ladder or hop out at the end of the pool by pulling yourself up and out.
  • LPCretroTri-underwater-ladderThe pool will be open from 7:30 AM to 7:50 AM for warm-up. No warm ups will be allowed after we start the race at 8:00 AM.
  • Be prepared to line up for the swim start a minimum of 5 minutes before your starting time.
  • Anticipate approximately 5-10 seconds between each swimmer.

LPC Swim Start Order List HERE (as race draws near) 

If you have submitted an incorrect swim time, you can change it via your online profile on imATHLETE until four days before the event at midnight. You may also get help from someone at packet pick-up and they can assist in making this adjustment for you.

NOTE: All athletes will start by crossing a timing mat and jumping into the deep end of the pool. Swimmers will be put in order according to your bib number. Thus, there are no exact swim start times posted. You can anticipate approximately 6 starters per minute if you would like to anticipate your approximate start time.



The LPC triathlon bike course is by far one of the most beautiful bike routes in the area. Find the bike course on Map My Ride HERE. You will get to enjoy some of Henderson County’s countryside and have the opportunity to test out your bike fitness by tackling a couple challenging hills. The bike leg has a couple challenging hills: one as you begin the ride on Howard Gap Road, and another (Terry’s Gap), later on in the ride. That said, the majority of the ride is on rolling country roads. You will be required to stay on your bike, (e.g. you may not get off your to push it up hills) as dismounting presents a safety hazard. Due to the course length and its challenges, all cyclist participants race (relay teams included) competing on the bike must be a minimum of 16 years old. You must also follow all rules of the road while out on the bike course.

The bike begins at the Fletcher Seventh Day Adventist Church (beside the LPC Center). As you exit the transition area you will take a RIGHT onto Howard Gap Road. Shortly after you pass Fletcher Academy you will begin a short but steep hill, where you may want to get out of the saddle to climb up. Follow Howard Gap Road until you see Patty’s Chapel Road (on RIGHT). Turn right and follow until the end then take a right onto Jackson Road and then a right onto Hoopers Creek Road and then another RIGHT onto Terry’s Gap Road. Terry’s Gap road is flat at the start but gradually turns into a hill and then eventually into a climb. Pace yourself as this hill is longer than you think! After you crest Terry’s Gap climb, get ready for a roller coaster ride as you will fly down the backside of this climb until you reach a stop sign where you will turn RIGHT onto Fruitland Road. You will only be on Fruitland Road for a brief time, you will then turn right onto N Clear Creek Road, which has some steep to gentle rollers on pretty country roads. Follow until you reach a stop sign at Howard Gap Road, and then turn RIGHT. Enjoy these ‘flatter and faster’ bike miles as you follow 3 miles until you reach the Fletcher Seventh Day Adventist Church. Dismount off your bike before you get to transition and then put your bike back in its spot and get ready to run.

  • This is a one loop bike course.
  • No drafting! Draft marshals on motorcycles will be present on the course. Don’t get caught drafting or blocking.
  • Helmets must be fastened before leaving the transition area.
  • Helmet numbers must be affixed to the front of your cycling helmet.
  • Stay to the right in the designated bike lanes to allow faster cyclists to pass on the left.
  • "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "There are plenty of volunteers and police officers along the course but it is ultimately your responsibility to know the course. Volunteers will be wearing orange vests and will be directing athletes with orange flags.
  • Corners will be marked with spray chalk arrows on the pavement approximately 25-50 yards before each turn and with large directional signs- also located about 25-50 yards before each turn.
  • Mileage points will be marked on the pavement with green spray chalk.
  • "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "Also, do not throw any trash on the bike course – this will result in a DQ. 
  • Sycamore Cycles will be providing bike tech support available at the transition area.
  • Please be aware of the construction happening on Howard Gap Road where the bike starts and finishes. In the event of any last minute changes or alterations to the bike course, we will post them on our website. As of now we do not know of any changes that will impact our bike course for race day. There is some machinery and uneven road surfaces along the bike route because of the construction so please use caution and we suggest taking a spare tube in case you have a flat tire.


The run leg is a rolling paved course that will follow gently undulating rural roads for the first two miles and then traverse onto a dirt and grass path through a tree break opening to fields, rounding a baseball diamond, and finishing with a lap around the track preceding the finish. This leg is a great match for hill runners. Not for the faint of heart, this 5k run will get your blood pumping as you run through some of Fletcher’s prettiest, and hilliest, of country roads!

The run begins at the Fletcher Seventh Day Adventist Church beside the Lelia Patterson Center. As you exit transition you will run down a short grassy hill and then merge onto a gravel/dirt road. Runners will merge onto a paved road – the Fletcher Academy Drive for a short stint and then this road will turn into dirt and gravel. Follow until you see a gate  on your left and then turn right onto Hutch Mountain Road. Shortly after you merge onto Hutch Mountain you will see a water station on your right, grab a cup of water before you begin your short climb up Hutch Mountain Road (this is the most challenging part of the run). The hill is a steady uphill climb until you reach Pittman Road (on right). Turn Right onto Pittman road and at the cul-de-sac you will grab another cup of water and turn back to return down Pittman Road. At the end of Pittman Road you have hit 1.5 miles and you will take a LEFT back onto Hutch Mountain Road. Get some speed by leaning forward and let your legs and body fall down this fast downhill section where you will pass the 2 mile marker. At ~2.2 miles you will turn LEFT onto Amble Lane for ~.1 mile. You will take a RIGHT onto a grass/dirt path that will lead you into a wooded area. Follow the dirt path, which turns into mainly grass until you see an opening and a small wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and turn LEFT, (you will see the track) and follow in the grass alongside the track and run towards the building that says ‘Concession Stand.’ Run past this stand and run towards and around the outside perimeter of the baseball field (this surface is all grass). Run towards the track and merge RIGHT onto the track and run almost an entire loop around the track. This is where spectators will be cheering you on to the finish! You will run past a set of bleachers right into the FINISH!

  • This is a 1-loop run course and has one challenging hill.
  • The course will be well marked. The turns will be indicated with spray chalk and signs.
  • There will volunteers on the course.
  • You must wear the race number that is provided in FRONT.  If you do not have your race number clearly displayed on your front as you cross the finish line-you will be assessed a two-minute penalty. 
  • "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "We will have 2 water stations on the run course. See race hub map for water station locations.
  • Each water station will have water, HEED and Hammer Gels

Although we expect very little vehicular traffic on race morning, the roads will be open to the public for both the run and bike courses. All intersections with a traffic light and/or turn will have law enforcement stopping traffic.


    Relay team members will be given a Velcro strap when they pick up the timing chip. This strap will be passed from member to member when switching legs of the race. Remember to pass off this timing chip attached to the Velcro band to each team member!

  • Swimmers will tag bikers at their assigned bike rack location
  • Bikers must tag runners at their assigned bike rack location
  • All team members must get body marked before the race.

NOTE: If you are on a relay team, you will only need one race number. All team members will be body marked. If the cyclist has a race number belt, please have the cyclist also wear the number during the bike portion of the event.  The runner will use the bib for the run. You will exchange the timing chip, which is on an ankle strap, in your designated spot in transition area.

KIDS CAN DO IT TOO!! Bring out your little champions to help enjoy the fun. Multiple kid’s race distances available based on age and experience. The swim will take place in a 25 yard pool and the run is on gravel, paved and cross country/grass paths. All participants will finish by completing a lap around the track.

Race Format: Pool swim and road/off-road run

Divisions & Distances: Race distances will vary based on participant’s age category and will be appropriate for each division.

"OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "Beginner: (recommended 9 and under)

  • Swim: 25 yard swim (one length of the pool)
  • Run: Lap around the outdoor track

Intermediate: (10-12 or novice 12-15)

  • Swim: 150 yard
  • Run: 1 1/2 mile

Advanced: (12-15 or experienced younger kids)

  • Swim: 250 yard
  • Run: 5k











We have super cool, custom awards for overall and age group winners as well as some additional prizes from our race sponsors for our overall winners. In addition, we have preems for the bike and run legs for the fastest male + female.

  • LPCretroTri-ceramicawards2Overall – Top Male/Female – 3 deep
  • Master’s Overall – Top Male/Female 
  • Age Group –  – 3 deep, Male/Female: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and over
  • 2 person team winner
  • 3 person team winner
  • Most Retro Spirited Award 
  • Each Splash N’ Dash kid will receive a t-shirt, a finisher’s medal, goodies

If for any reason you are unable to stay for the awards you can have your award shipped to you for a small fee. Please contact us after the event if this is the case.




2015LPCtri-GuyWaterHandOffVolunteers are the backbone of a terrific event experience. Sign up to donate 1 – 2 hours of your time helping to make the event run smoothly by counting laps, helping at registration, and other useful tasks. All volunteers will receive yummy food and will get to enjoy in all the event festivities. It’s easy to sign up, just click, enter your email for confirmation, and choose your spot!




If you prefer not to use your email address, or have trouble signing up, please contact us to sign up manually.




Race Location:

Lelia Patterson Center, 1111 Howard Gap Road, Fletcher, NC 28732
(828) 209-6900



Take I-240 W, keep right to continue on I-26 E and follow signs for Interstate 240 W / Interatate 26 E / Interstate 40. Take exit 44 for US-25 N / US-25 South BUSINESS toward Fletcher/Mountain Home. Turn right onto Asheville Hwy. Turn left onto County Rd 1534/Naples Rd. Turn left onto County Rd 1006/Howard Gap Rd. The Lelia Patterson Center will be on the right.


Take US-25, continue straight onto N Poinsett Hwy. Continue straight onto SC-414 E into North Carolina. Keep left at the fork and follow signs for US-25 N/Interstate 26 W and merge onto Interstate 26 W. Take exit 49A to merge onto US-64 E/Chimney Rock Rd toward Bat Cave. Turn left onto Co Rd 1006/Howard Gap Rd. The Lelia Patterson Center will be on your right.


Parking is available at the Fletcher Seventh Day Adventist Church, Fletcher Valley Foods or at Park Ridge Health (park on Doctors Drive in any of the doctor’s office parking lots). There will be no parking available at the Lelia Patterson Center, in order to maintain a congestion free triathlon experience. LPC Triathlon Staff will be onsite parking cars, please pay attention to them and follow their directions.


LPCretroTri-FinishThere are plenty of great spots to see your friends and family members at this event!

Remember only race participants are allowed INSIDE the transition area. Check out the race hub map to see some of the best viewing areas for the event. We would suggest you stick around outside the transition area until you see your participant start the run. Then head on down to the track, where you can cheer them on as they do a lap around the track and come into the FINISH!





We owe a great deal of thanks to Lelia Patterson Center, Fletcher Police, Volunteer Police of Henderson County, Henderson County Sheriff and Rescue Squad and the NCDOT for supporting this event in Henderson County. We also want to thank all the volunteers who made this race safe and possible. Click below for results

Hunter Subaru LPC Overall Triathlon Results

Hunter Subaru LPC Age Group Triathlon Results


This event is timed by iDaph Timing, questions or concerns regarding your results should be emailed to timing@idaph.net



We owe a great deal of thanks to Lelia Patterson Center, Fletcher Police, Volunteer Police of Henderson County, Henderson County Sheriff and Rescue Squad and the NCDOT for supporting this event in Henderson County. We also want to thank all the volunteers who made this race safe and possible. Click below for results

2016 LPC Triathlon Individual Results

2016 LPC Triathlon Age Group Results

2016 LPC Triathlon Relay Results

2016 LPC Triathlon Kid’s Splash and Dash- Advanced


This event is timed by iDaph Timing, questions or concerns regarding your results should be emailed to timing@idaph.net


We owe a great deal of thanks to Lelia Patterson Center, Fletcher Police, Volunteer Police of Henderson County, Henderson County Sheriff and Rescue Squad and the NCDOT for supporting this event in Henderson County. We also want to thank all the volunteers who made this race safe and possible.


Results below updated as of 8/03/15 (click links to view, save, and/or print .pdf versions)

2015 LPC Throwback Triathlon Results

Results below updated as of 8/18/14 (click links to view, save, and/or print .pdf versions)

2014 LPC Triathlon Overall Results | 2014 LPC Triathlon Age Group Results

updated as of 8/18/13 (click links to view, save, and/or print .pdf versions)

LPCfemalAgeGroups | LPCmaleAgeGroups | LPCoverallCombined | LPCoverallFemales:Males | LPCrelayTeams













 INTERESTED IN SPONSORING? Contact us at sponsorships@idaph.net

hunter subaru

Hunter Subaru, the proud Title Sponsor of the 2016 LPC Throwback Triathlon, is a key part of Hunter Automotive Group, a locally owned and operated business which strives day-in and day-out to meet the needs of their clients, in the showroom, on the service drive, and in the community. They believe a company can do good. This belief drives them to support many causes, including the LPC Triathlon. Thank Hunter Subaru for their support by stopping in and shaking their hands and sharing a guaranteed smile.

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Paul Jackson Photography
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