Congratulations Lung Buster Cyclists!


Congrats to each of you that have participated in the individual events and the series! The Category results are up-to-date for each of the the events.

 You can find these organized results, by going to the Race Roster RESULTS page, then going to the ‘EVENT’ tab and scrolling down to the “Event by Finishers Results page.”

Overall Winners and standings for the Series participants: 






Lung Buster Time Trial Series


Prizes and Awards for the following categories and divisions:


Lung Buster Time Trial Series
(must have participated in the entire series 4 out of 5 events and registered for the series to qualify - only your top 4 results count towards the overall standings)


#1 Overall First Place (Male/Female) in the entire series
• Time Trial Division/Mixed
• Merckx/Standard


#2 Age Group divisions - Top Overall (Male and Female) - in the entire series


• 39 and under age group
• Standard
• Time Trial/Mixed


• 40 and up
• Standard
• Time TrialMixed


#3 Bragging Rights - Individual Time Trial Overall winners


Elk Mountain


Randy Warren - 24:17

Karen Ostergaard -26:24


Etowah TT


Standard Road Bike (NO TT Equip)
Chris St. Peter - 30:09
Laura Calvin - 32:05

Time Trial Equipment
Heath Dotson - 26:47
Christi Britt - 31:52


Bearwallow TT

Standard Road Bike (NO TT Equip)

Randy Warren - 21:17
Karen Ostergaard - 22:26



Standard Road Bike (NO TT Equip)

Allen Klaes - 24:54
Karen Ostergaard - 26:55


Time Trial Equipment
Heath Dotson - 21:55
Christi Britt - 27:15


River Road


Standard Road Bike (No TT Equip)

Bill Radler - 23:11

Karen Ostergaard - 24:58


Time Trial Equipment

Gene Fowler - 21:07

Christi Britt - 25:52


Lung Buster Time Trial series

Join us for the Lung Buster Time Trial Series!

The Lung Buster Time Trial series is a five-part series of competitive cycling events. The events take place here in Western North Carolina at five different routes, and the goal is to provide a fun and professional race experience for cyclists while adhering to safe social distancing guidelines. All levels and abilities are welcome!

Due to the pandemic and social distancing and event gathering restrictions, the 2020 Lung Buster Time Trial Series has a twist with extended durations for participation for each event. Brand New Virtual Series also available, participate ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!

Our unique mix of different racing environments allows riders of different strengths and focuses to level the playing field amongst competitors. Also, having five separate events means that one poor showing won’t ruin your opportunity to do well in the series as a whole. Whether you’re an elite time trial champion or a recreational rider on any bike of your choosing, come out and join the Lung Buster!  We have multiple categories to choose from.

Lung Buster Medal

All registered Series participants will receive this super, cool commemorative medal.

(Time Trial #1) Etowah (flat) - June 15 - July 6 NEW: EXTENDED UNTIL JULY 13TH! 

(Time Trial #2) Bearwallow - (hill-climb) June 29 - July 20

(Time Trial #3) Mills River (rolling) - July 13 - August 3

(Time Trial #4) Elk Mountain (hill-climb) - July 27- August 17

(Time Trial #5) River Road in Asheville (Marshall) (flat) - August 10 - August 31


How it works!

We will continue the same format of the ‘old’ series (with a new twist) - a couple flat courses and a couple hill climbs and we are adding a ‘rolling’ course with some small little ups and downs but that has a good flow to it and will be familiar to many locals.

If you aren’t local, no problem! We are offering a VIRTUAL Series and individual event option so you can join us from anywhere, submit results and be scored separately from the locals and join in on the fun!

Due to COVID19 and gathering restrictions for events we will give three weeks to complete an event. We will mark the five courses prior to each of the scheduled events beginning.

Locals and virtual participants can sign up for one event, two, three, four or the entire series. There are FIVE event locations and you only need to participate in 4 out of the 5, to be counted in the series. Individual events will also have their own results page on our registration page.

Participation: To keep social distancing and follow event gathering guidelines, the time trial events are to be done solo, during your own preferred day and time!

The duration of the events will last for 3 weeks and most events ‘overlap’ as to when you can participate in them so that if you want to participate in another event sooner than the three weeks you can.

Course Information: Maps, cue sheet, ride info and parking details will be emailed to registered participants before each event begins.

Cheer & Heckle Stations: If you need an extra ‘push’ to crank the pedals hard, we will have social distanced ‘cheer’ and heckling stations along the course on set dates/times for most the events in the series. However, you don’t have to participate during those times. You can ride any time of day during the duration of the 3 weeks set up for each event!

Event #1 Cheer Station: Etowah Time Trial: Wednesday, June 24th 6-8pm (rain date is June 25th 6-8pm)

More Cheer Stations Dates & Times coming for the events in the series!

Results: Your results will need to be submitted through the results page on our registration platform to be counted by each results deadline.

Recording Time/Distance Device: A bike computer, iphone with an activity app or a smart watch (Garmin, Apple Watch, Activity App on your phone, etc) with distance/time will need to be used to participate.

Submit results by taking a photo of your electronic device with time/distance and input your time on the Results page. Please be prepared to show gps/route/data link if your time needs verified.

If you are on Strava, join our club and post your attempts and your race data.

‘Normal’ TT results will apply - specifically no drafting, the TT is a solo ride, solo event. This is not a group ride.

You are on the honor system when participating and signing up in the various categories.

Of course we have super cool and comfy-shirts, finisher prizes and random giveaways and more for our participants!

We can’t wait to kick-off summer and safely distance in a fun way with all of you on our bikes! We hope you will join us!

No Refunds. No Transfers. No Deferrals.


Register for the entire Virtual Series (5 events) or as many ‘Virtual’ events that you want to participate in!

  • Can participate ANYWHERE, anytime. You pick your route based on the distances we have provided for you to ride!
  • Challenge yourself to ride harder, faster, dig deep!
  • Track Completions
  • Upload Results to event results page
  • Results will be scored separate from the ‘local’ events
  • Download finisher completion certificates
  • Showcase accomplishment
  • Download Personalized Bib
  • Eligible to Receive Random Prizes
  • Access to our Strava Club for this event!
  • Pick an event shirt or tank for an additional fee and have it mailed or picked up locally
  • Participate in the entire series and receive a finisher prize!
  • Random awards and prizes for participants in the Virtual events



Check out our super comfy, easy breathing race t-shirts and awesome tank tops!

Optional Add-on shirt option for $10
Add-on Tank Top (men’s/women’s) for $20
Shipping Available for shirts and tanks for $5 or Local Pick-up (FOR FREE) at Bike Shop - Date/Location - TBD.






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