5 Lung Buster Time Trials each on unique courses, self-serve style and with a duration of one month to complete each race.

Join us for the Lung Buster Time Trial Series!

The Lung Buster Time Trial series is a five-part series of competitive cycling events. The events take place here in Western North Carolina at five different routes, and the goal is to provide a fun and professional race experience for cyclists while adhering to safe social distancing guidelines. All levels and abilities are welcome!

Due to the pandemic and social distancing and event gathering restrictions, the 2021 Lung Buster Time Trial Series has a twist with extended durations for participation for each event. 

Our unique mix of different racing environments allows riders of different strengths and focuses to level the playing field amongst competitors. Whether you’re an elite time trial champion or a recreational rider on any bike of your choosing, come out and join the Lung Buster!  We have multiple categories to choose from.

Lung Buster Medal
What you get with your registration!
  • Includes access to participate in all 5 events (participate in one, two or all five…)
  • Can participate as an individual (solo) and/or as a 2 person team, or both, for no additional cost!
  • Maps, course profile, parking, and information provided for each event
  • The official, super comfy, 2021 Lung Buster Time Trial Series shirt for FREE!
  • A super cool, commemorative medal
  • Free shipping of goodies
  • Downloadable Finisher Certificate
  • Download Personalized Bib
  • As many attempts as you want on the course for an entire month! Upload results to event Results Page as soon as you have completed the race so that we can keep the friendly competition going throughout the month.
  • Access to our Strava Club for this Series

New for 2021: Participants have ONE MONTH to complete each ride and to make as many attempts to better your time!

(Time Trial #1) Etowah (flat) - April

(Time Trial #2) Bearwallow - (hill-climb) - May

(Time Trial #3) Elk Mountain - (hill climb) - June

(Time Trial #4) River Road in Asheville (Marshall) (flat) - July

(Time Trial #5) Jump off Rock (hill-climb) - August

Note: we are working on having a grand finale, in person race for this final race (Jump off Rock) in the series, stay-tuned!


AUGUST, 8  |  3 PM


Cyclists and Triathletes get ready for the return of the Jump off Rock Hill Climb presented by Hunter Subaru on Sunday, August 8th at 3 pm. The hill climb, time trial, cycling race made its debut in 2017 and returns this summer with much anticipation to Laurel Park located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

The cycling race is for all abilities! Test your fitness and challenge yourself to ride up this five-mile climb as fast as you can. This is an individual, time-trial-style event designed to challenge any type and ability of cyclists. You will be racing against the clock and will leave in one-minute increments. It is a race against yourself. This is not a mass start event. 

The one-way, time trial race starts at the Town of Laurel Park offices and goes up, up, up Laurel Park Scenic Highway to the top of Jump off Rock where panoramic views await you at the finish line. This event will be professionally produced and timed. 

Not only will this ride challenge you, there are also prizes and awards for the King and Queen of the Mountain and random giveaways to finishers. You don’t have to be the fastest to win in our giveaways!

The in-person Jump off Rock Hill climb coincides with the self-serve Lung Buster Time Trial Series that takes place this summer. If you are currently registered for the Series, you will be able to register for this grand finale challenge event for free. The Lung Buster Time Trial Series is a series of cycling events in Western North Carolina held with the intent of providing all participants a professional racer experience, no matter how fast or experienced you are. 

We look forward to seeing our community of cyclists challenge themselves in what is sure to be a lung-bustin’ race to the top of Jump off Rock. 


No warm-ups are allowed on Laurel Park Scenic Hwy after 2:50pm.  Follow the rules of the road, stop signs and speed limits when traveling back downhill after the ride. There is no parking available at the top of Jump off Rock.


Let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little help getting up these giant WNC hills. We’re allowing e-bikes at this event and they will be scored in their own category, so all riders are welcome!


How it works!

We will continue the same format for the 2021 trials as had for 2020- a couple flat courses and a few hill climbs and these routes will all be familiar to many locals and prior participants.

Due to COVID19 and gathering restrictions for events, participants have a full month to complete an event. We will mark the five courses prior to each of the scheduled events beginning. Please note: We are working on having our final event in August, at Jump off Rock, in-person! We will make announcements as we have them regarding this race. 

New for 2021: When you sign up you can participate in one event, two, three, four or the entire series. There are FIVE event locations. We will not be tallying up end of the series points this year, so you can participate in as many of the events as you want. Each Individual events will also have their own results page on Race Roster our registration page.

Participation: Please follow social distancing and event gathering guidelines, the time trial events are to be done solo if you sign up as an individual, during your own preferred day and time! New for 2021: You can also participate with your friend on a 2 person team! 

The duration of the events will last for one month. Results must be submitted within the month of the event taking place to be counted in the overall standings for that race. 

Course Information: Maps, cue sheet, ride info and parking details will be emailed to registered participants before each event begins.

Results: Your results will need to be submitted through the results page on our registration platform to be counted by each results deadline.

Recording Time/Distance Device: A bike computer, iphone with an activity app or a smart watch (Garmin, Apple Watch, Activity App on your phone, etc) with distance/time will need to be used to participate.

Submit results by taking a photo of your electronic device with time/distance and input your time on the Results page. Please be prepared to show gps/route/data link if your time needs verified.

If you are on Strava, join our club and post your attempts and your race data.

‘Normal’ TT results will apply - specifically no drafting, the individual TT is a solo ride, solo event. This is not a group ride. The 2 person team category is new and you need to sign-up for this category ahead of time and put your results in the team results section on Race Roster. 

You are on the honor system when participating and signing up in the various categories. Keep it fun, keep it real and keep it truthful. We are not going to police if you cut the course or cheated. Let’s make it fun and fair for everyone, so please follow the rules!

Of course we have super cool and comfy-shirts and medals for our participants!

We can’t wait to kick-off the warmer spring and summer seasons and safely distance in a fun way with all of you on our bikes! We hope you will join us!

No Refunds. No Transfers. No Deferrals.

Lung Buster Time Trial Participant Pledge

When you register for and participate in any of the Lung Buster Time Trial Series you are taking this pledge:

For the love of community and cycling, I am participating in the Lung Buster Time Trial Series with the opportunity to race myself against the clock on a solo-ride when I am competing individually… and on the two person team with one friend… in a fun, challenging, event series. I understand that by registering for any of the events in the Series that I agree and comply with all the rules set forth for an individual time trial. I agree that I will ride in the category that I have signed up for and submit my results for that category. I attest that the results that I submit are accurate and honest and that I took every effort to participate fairly and with integrity. I understand that the indivdiual time trial event is a solo-ride event and the two person team time trial is for two riders to participate in together. I promise that I will not draft off of a friend or fellow rider when I participate in the solo/individual event. Drafting is any rider that is riding within 3-4 bike lengths behind or beside a rider. I agree that the time I submit was my own effort and time and was taken by using my own personal time on the equipment and category that I registered for. I am honest, I will ride ‘clean’, and am participating in this event with good intentions and to race against myself and the clock. When I submit my results, I will also submit a screenshot of my data (time/distance) on my electronic tracking gps device. I also understand that there have been in person time trial events that have taken place at these locations previously where age group and course records have been established. If my result is in question, I agree to graciously submit any additional information to the race promoter upon request. Thank you for your support of our community and clean, fun bike riding!



Check out our 2021 commemorative, super comfy, stylish race t-shirts.


By making a monetary contribution to iDream Athletes Foundation, you help make an opportunity possible for WNC residents to enjoy the experience of a sporting event or activity, whether it be participating in our Asheville Winter Bike League (AVLWBL), the purchase of a new bike for local youth or adults, race entry fees paid for an unemployed athlete, or swimming lessons for someone training for their upcoming big event or Ironman! Join us in helping our local athletic community by making a tax-deductible contribution today.

Pro Tips and Tricks! 

  • You DO NOT have to be a pro or in great shape to participate in this series. We invite ALL levels and abilities of cyclists to ride with us and join the fun!
  • Route will be marked in PINK paint! Start and Finish and mile markers will be marked!
  • Download the course map to your Garmin device or phone (will be provided in an email to all registered participants)
  • Follow the Rules of the Road, Adhere to stop signs, follow traffic, look for cars, stay to the right side of the road at all times, don’t ride in the middle of the road. Leave a good impression on the community!
  • Join our Strava Club page! We will send instructions on your confirmation email on how to join this private club. Motivating each other, virtual high-fives and friendly trash-talking is permitted and encouraged.
  • Suggested times to ride this route with least amount of vehicular traffic will be provided on the event details email to all registered participants.
  • Multiple attempts to better your time are encouraged! Submit your results after each attempt to keep the friendly competition going!


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